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The Advanced Guide To Naxos Greece

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Posted on: 02/16/19

Naxos is among the Cycladic islands and it belongs to the Prefecture of the Cyclades. It lies a quick variety to the east of Paros whilst to its south and south-west are the islands of Irakleia, Schinousa, Epano Koufonisi, Kato Koufonisi, Keros and Ano and Kato Antikeri. To the east are the islets of Makares, Ayia Paraskevi, Strongili and naxos town Donousa.

Naxos is round in shape. It has a length from north to south of 17.6 miles and a biggest width, around in the centre, of 13.2 miles. It covers a total area of 430 square metres and its shoreline is 148 kilometres long. If we were to cruise around the island from the north coast in a south-westerly direction then we would experience the bays of Limeneri, Kyra, Amyti, Ayios Georgios and Kyrades, the islets of Amarantes, Aspronisi and Parthenos, and the capes Kavos Mikris Viglas, Kouroupia and Katomeri (south). The east coast of Naxos is not as interestingly formed, with the exceptions of the capes of Axala and Kavo Stavro. The island is mountainous and a high mountain range encounter the entire of the island, from the south to the north. The highest peak is Mt Zeus (1,003 metres), which lies someplace in the middle of the mountain range. Other peaks are Koronos (997 m.), Anathematistra (778 m.), Mavrovouni (869 m.), Troullos (606 m.), Kerasea (523 m.), Mavri Petra (420 m.), Paliopyrgos (227 m.) and Viglatouri (418 m.).

Naxos has fertile earth and produces considerable quantities of cereals, olive oil, fruit and red white wine. Animals farming is also quite recognized, producing choose quality cheeses, as are tourism and the processing of agricultural produce. The main income, however, is emery (' Naxiot earth'), which is mined in the north-east. An excellent marble is likewise found in the mountain areas.

According to the census of 1981, Naxos had 14,037 residents.

As far as its administration is concerned, in the previous Naxos consisted of a town and great deals of autonomous areas.

The recent 'Capodistrias' program for the redistribution of regional administration developed 2 large towns, the Town of Naxos, that includes Hora (the main town) and the surrounding locations, and the Town of Drymalia, which consists of the previous self-governing communities of the villages of Filoti, Apeiranthos, Koronos, Komiaki, Halki (Tragaia) and Moni. The other neighborhoods have stayed as they were. The Town of Naxos is extremely recognized and has just recently made vital advances in traveler too, all the income from which goes straight to the community handbag. The Town of Drymalia includes the most industrialized towns of mountain Naxos, the homeowners of which look for to improving their lifestyle, establishing their crops and agriculture and other sectors.

You will discover the majority of the ancient websites of Naxos on the north side of the town and they are well worth a go to. With numerous locations of interest on the island you will be kept busy if you have not refer to merely absorb the sun. Naxos museum is an outstanding location to start as it has lots of historical relics dating back to 5300 BC. Then there is Glezos tower, best of naxos the fortress has a big tower and the structure has just recently been revived rather remarkably. You also have Iria Temple that is discovered simply outside the town. It was utilized as a location of worship and is thought to go back as far as 1300 BC. The majority of the sites are nearby to the primary town, but if you want to go off the beaten track and explore the island, hiring an things to do in Naxos greece auto would be perfect. Naxos has many villages to check out and they are so quite and photogenic, with great deals of old stone structures. If you have really had enough of ancient websites and poetic villages there is constantly the water park to spend the day in. It's absolutely wonderful fun, for young and old, with loud music playing and loads of sun loungers all over the park to unwind in. There are likewise a couple of dining establishments in the park where the rates are a little raised however if you need a reward you do not have a lot of choice unless you have taken a picnic with you. Simply beyond Naxos there is an excellent go- cart track that is open every day from 10am which is truly great satisfying for all of the household.

Night life

Take in a movie at the outdoors cinema, where you can surpass a few of the most recent releases while having a snack and a beer. You could even do some horse riding along the beach at sundown. If you want something more vibrant then there are some loud and lively clubs in the town, normally around the waterside area and believe me it gets jam-packed. The town does have some good bars towards the back of the town to unwind in far from the current music throbbing into your ears till the morning.


Shopping is a little on the weak side in naxos Naxos. There are stores and markets nevertheless it is simply loaded with the normal tourist present items, marble accessories, beaded jewellery and lace and leather products. There is a fine art gallery where you can purchase some modern-day art, nevertheless otherwise you will not be breaking the bank on shopping.


Naxos does have a few of the loveliest beaches with sensational sand and warm blue-green waters. I think there are around 14 of them dotted around the coastline from little coves to mile long beaches of pure white or golden sand. Great deals of if not all of the beaches supply some water sports like cruising, snorkelling, windsurfing, kite searching and not forgetting the popular jet skis. No matter what sort of beach you're looking for you will find it around this island, so if you simply desire to take in the sun and have a good time with the kids without there being crowds of people then you will discover one. There are beaches with lush vegetated backdrops or ones with wonderful dune and after that there are the ones with wonderful views, you will be ruined for alternative.

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